Harmony Script

Move Art Between Art Layers


A macro script for swapping, replacing, duplicating, merging or deleting art between art layers for all exposed cells. Compatible with Harmony 15 and up.

v1.3 – Added “Merge All” operation.

v1.4 – Dialog can now stay open. Function can be called from any toolbar.

No longer change selection tool’s property and current art layer after running script.

Shortcut buttons has been added.



  1. Download and unarchive the zip file. Most unarchiver program will create a new folder which contains the main script and its components.
  2. Add all files inside the folder to your user scripts folder (a hidden folder).
  3. Add Art Layer Wizard on any toolbar.
  4. Optinally, you can add shortcut buttons of each functions on any toolbar:
    • Swap_Art, Merge_Art, Merge_All_Art, Duplicate_Art, Replace_Art, Clear_Art


Direction ( Art Layer Wizard ):

  1. Select a drawing node from camera, node or timeline view.
  2. Run Art Layer Wizard.
  3. Set source and destination art layer and then click on the button of the function you want to call.
  4. Preferences will be automatically saved each time you leave or close the dialog,
    unless no change is made.


Direction ( Shortcut Buttons ):

  1. Select a drawing node from camera, node or timeline view.
  2. Click on the shortcut button.

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