Harmony Script

Flip Transformation Keys


Flip keyframe values on selected pegs and/or drawings.
You can choose to only modify values on keyframes selected in the timeline,
or all keyframes on the selected node(s). Only works on 2D Transforamtion. Quarternion, Euler angels are unsupported.


Now we can achieve flipping the side of image by rotating the value toward axis (ideal on vertical flipping). Thanks to user Zedrin for helping me figuring out the equation.

Now works on 3D Path positions. Thanks to user ChrisF for writing a simple string-to-num converter.


  1. Add USR_Flip_Transformation_Keys.js to your user scripts folder.
  2. Add the script icons to script-icons folder inside the user scripts folder.
  3. Add Flip_Transformation_Keys to any toolbar.



  1. Select keyframes you want to flip from the Timeline view, or select one or more Peg or Drawing modules.
  2. Run Flip_Transformation_Keys.
  3. Set your preferences in the opened dialog.

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