Harmony Script

Bake Parent to Drawings


Bake selected drawing’s parent transformations to the drawing for the selected duration of frames.
The script creates new cel on each selected cel, copies the entire cel in the camera view,
disconnects the drawing from its parent, and finally pastes the cel again in the camera view.

This script DOES NOT bake deformations. To achieve that, use Harmony’s official command instead:
Animation > Deformation > Convert Deformed Drawing to Drawings

  • v1.1 – Now it also bakes embedded pivot positions.
  • v1.2 – Switched from marquee selection to select all command.
    Now script can be added to any toolbars. Added confirmation dialog



  1. Add USR_Bake_Parent_To_Drawings.js to your user scripts folder.
  2. Add the script icon to script-icons folder inside the user scripts folder.
  3. Add Bake_Parent_To_Drawings to any toolbars.



  1. Make sure to keep singler select tool“Single Drawing Selection Mode” toggled on Tool Properties,
    otherwise this script may accidentally select and delete drawings on excluded drawing nodes.
  2. In Timeline view, select cels (drawing frames) of a drawing node you want to bake its parent transformations to.

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