Harmony Script

Delete Unexposed Cels


A Harmony script for deleting Cels that are unexposed in the Timeline.
This will also delete cels that are only used after the scene’s last frame.
You can select an entire group to remove unexposed cels.

  • v1.1 – Added confirmation dialog before execution.
  • v1.2 – No longer delete cels that are shared over multiple nodes if one of the instances is exposed.
  • v1.4 – Bug fix. Now check shared cels’s exposure on all drawing nodes in the scene.
  • v1.5 – Confirmation box can now be skipped if hold down shift key while calling the script.



  1. Add USR_Delete_Unexposed_Cels.js to your user scripts folder.
  2. Add the script icon to script-icons folder inside the user scripts folder.
  3. Add Delete_Unexposed_Cels to any toolbar.



  1. Select drawing module(s) or groups that contain drawings. Run Delete_Unexposed_Cels.

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