Harmony Script

Flip/Symmetrize Deformers


Toon Boom Harmony dialog script for mirror, flip and symmetrize envelope deformers.
The script can also flip curve and bone deformers. Tested on Harmony Premium 14 and 17.



  1. Add USR_Flip_Symmetrize_Deformation.js to your user scripts folder.
  2. Copy all files inside script-icons folder to script-icons folder inside your local user scripts folder.
  3. Add Flip_Symmetrize_Deformation to any toolbar.



  1. For curve, bone and open envelope deformers, select a deformer in Camera view and run this script. For closed envelope deformer, select one of point, which should be roughly on the line of symmetry for the shape and orientation. If the line is between two points, select both points.
  2. After choose right setting, hit Apply.
  3. Additionally you can check “Also apply to resting parameters” box for making the transformed shape as the deformer’s resting position. This option should not be used while animating, as it will affect multiple keyframes on the deformer.

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