Harmony Script

Set Interpolated Drawing Pivots


An experimental script for setting embedded pivots on in-between cells based on the first and the last selected cells’ pivot positions.

  • v1.1 – Script optimization.



  1. Download and Unarchive the zip file.
  2. Locate to your user scripts folder (a hidden folder) for the version of your Harmony.
  3. Add all unzipped files ( *.js and script-icons folder ) directly to the folder above.
  4. Add RIG_Set_Interpolated_Drawing_Pivots to Camera or Drawing toolbars.



  1. Select a sequence of cells that you want to set embedded pivots to. The first and the last cells will be used as keyframes to determine the positions of the in-between cells.
  2. Run RIG_Set_Interpolated_Drawing_Pivots.

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