Harmony Script

Paste In Place

In Harmony, copying a shape and pasting in the same art layer will automatically shift the shape in order to prevent it from overlapping on top of the original shape. This is however not ideal in some situations.

This script force to paste a copied shape in the exact place in Camera or Drawing view.
The script temporarily pastes the shape to an art layer that is not currently selected. After the shape is being cut from the layer, the shape gets pasted on to the user selected art layer.



  1. Download and Unarchive the zip file.
  2. Locate to your user scripts folder (a hidden folder) for the version of your Harmony.
  3. Add all unzipped files ( *.js and script-icons folder ) directly to the folder above.
  4. Add ANM_Paste_In_Place to  your Camera or Drawing view’s toolbar.
    The current version does not work if called on any other toolbars.



  1. Select a shape in Camera or Drawing view and then either do cut or copy.
  2. Run ANM_Paste_In_Place.

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