Harmony Script

Separate Drawing Transformation As Peg

A simple script that creates new pegs from selected drawings’ transformations. The processed drawings’ transformations will be cleared while their “Animate Using Animation Tools” box get checked off.
This is useful when you accidentally set keyframes on drawings and wish to separate the keyframes to new pegs.

Only tested on Harmony 17 but this should work on earlier and later versions.


  1. Click on the Download button above. The GitHub page for this script will open.
  2. On the page, click on the Code button then choose Download Zip from the menu.
  3. Locate to your user scripts folder (a hidden folder) for the version of your Harmony.
  4. There is a folder named src inside the zip file. Copy all its contents directly to the folder above.
  5. In Harmony, add ANM_Separate_Drawing_Transformation_As_Peg function to any toolbar.


  1. Select drawings that you want to separate their transformations from.
  2. Run ANM_Separate_Drawing_Transformation_As_Peg.

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