Good Greens Commercial

This is a stop-motion commercial for a healthy food product, Good Greens Bars. I am responsible for all puppet making, fabrication and look development for the project. The entire project was shot using down shooting method.


I spent almost 3 months to build all assets for the commercial. I invented several tools for the project during the period. The one of my tools was a down-shoot camera stand that I made from the scratch using 2×4 materials and a tripod.




I sought to make a 2.5D puppet armature for down shooting method and then decided to make a fully rotatable armature for the efficiency. I used general machine tools to process plywood boards.


I developed the two character designs with Amy Gardiner. I made blue prints based on Amy’s final design. The faces of the puppet does not have its back, therefore; animator is going to replace head parts to achieve head turning. I also made their clothing by sewing bedsheets with my sewing machine. Clothing are then dyed with watercolor paints.


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