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Remove Unused Colors


Remove unused color swatches on scene palettes. The script will also remove empty palettes.
This script is compatible with Harmony Premium 15 and up.
Remove Unused Colors is developped by three contributers: Liza D, Mathieu C, Yu U



  1. Download and Unarchive the zip file. Most unarchiver program will create a new folder which contains the main script and its components.
  2. Add all files inside the folder to your user scripts folder (a hidden folder).
  3. Add one or both of the following functions to any toolbar:
    • Remove_All_Unused_Colors_And_Palettes
    • Remove_Unused_Colors_On_Selected_Palette


Direction ( Remove_All_Unused_Colors_And_Palettes ):

  1. Before running the script, make sure palette list is loaded (unlocked) on palette view.
  2. Run this script. All unused colors and palettes will be removed.
  3. On Remove Unused Palettes From Scene Palette List dialog, hit Select All and then okay,
    This will remove all empty crossed-out palettes.


Direction ( Remove_Unused_Colors_On_Selected_Palette ):

  1. Select a palette to remove unused colors from.
  2. Run the script. Palettes will be removed when it becomes empty.

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